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In an attempt to bolster the bottom line, businesses throughout the country undertake activity that is fraudulent, illegal or harmful. Fortunately, in New Jersey, the Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) states that an employer shall not take any retaliatory action against an employee because the employee:

  • Discloses, or threatens to disclose to a supervisor or to a public body an activity, policy or practice of the employer, or another employer, with whom there is a business relationship, that the employee reasonably believes is in violation of a law or is fraudulent or criminal.
  • Provides information to, or testifies before, any public body conducting an investigation, hearing or inquiry into any violation of law.
  • Objects to, or refuses to participate in any activity, policy or practice, which the employee reasonably believes is in violation of a law, is fraudulent, criminal or incompatible with a clear mandate of public policy concerning the public health, safety or welfare or protection of the environment.

In addition, if you have objected to an illegal act in the workplace, it is important to understand your rights and to what you may be entitled to if you blow the whistle. This may include back pay and damages. A skilled attorney’s insight is extremely important in these cases.

CEPA Attorneys

Our lawyers are prepared to take nearly half a century of experience to work on state and federal whistleblower cases. We are prepared to represent employees who have been punished, fired or terminated as a result of whistleblowing conduct. Also we work closely with employers to help prevent whistleblower claims and work to resolve any complaints. Regardless of your circumstances, we encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible so that you can fully understand your rights and take ideal action. To schedule a free initial phone consultation to discuss any issue with one of our whistleblower attorneys, call Paul Weiner at 973-631-6057 or 973-615-6666 or email the firm.


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