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Labor law issues unquestionably present serious challenges to modern employers and business owners. This area of law is not a core competency for the highest-performing businesses, but it must be dealt with accordingly; failure to properly address labor law issues can be extremely costly or legally catastrophic. An experienced legal team can help address labor law issues that cost time and resources before they arise or proactively resolve them in the most efficient and effective ways after they do. Below is the latest article on Unionization Trends by Paul I. Weiner.

Unionization Trends An Ounce of Prevention 2018

Covid-19 UPDATE

*Letter about Covid-19 Employment and Labor Law Questions
*Employment Law and COVID-19 (UPDATED 4-28-20)
*Ltr re Union activity during COVID crisis (Final)

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We at Coughlin Duff LLP represent management and employers of small, medium and large-sized  businesses in all labor law and labor relations matters, including:

Our attorneys are prepared to bring over half a century of combined experience to address issues through preventative solutions. When issues have already arisen, we always seek out methods of negotiation and alternative dispute resolution to avoid protracted legal battles. We are committed to your success. Regardless of the legal issues you face, we encourage you to get in touch without any obligation so that we can discuss and help you identify your problems and issues. In every case, we strive to provide legal advice that is practical and tailored to the long-term operational stability and well-being of businesses. To schedule a free initial phone consultation to discuss a New Jersey labor or employment law issue with one of our labor law lawyers, call Paul Weiner at 973-631-6057 or 973-615-6666 or email the firm.


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