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Human Resource and Management Training

MANAGEMENT PREVENTIVE SERVICES, POLICIES, & TRAINING¬†presents a wide variety of training programs to help your company avoid costly employment law problems.Conducting & Preparing Effective Performance Appraisals We help you design them to meet your company’s needs.

  • The most effective way to complete the appraisal form
  • How to conduct the performance appraisal interview
  • What legal issues to consider
  • How to evaluate your present system
  • How to change your evaluation system to make it user friendly

Preventing Discrimination Litigation This program discusses how to analyze and investigate equal opportunity issues in the workplace.

  • How to manage a disgruntled employee
  • When to retain an attorney
  • How best to use preventive policies, procedures, and programs

Preparing & Developing Employee Handbooks and Personnel Policies that Protect Your Company We help you determine if your handbook and personnel policies protect the company and fully inform employees of their rights and obligations.

  • How to prepare a handbook and write personnel policies
  • How to get appropriate management input
  • Which personnel issues to address
  • How to rewrite existing policies, procedures, and forms

Developing Policies & Training to Respond to the Americans with Disabilities Act We review:

  • How managers should deal with complex disability problems
  • Requests for leaves of absence
  • Hiring and reasonable accommodations
  • Family leave laws and worker’s compensation
  • Absenteeism and the ADA
  • Dealing with the sick employee

What You Need to Know About Adjusting Your Wage and Hour Policies & Practices We provide an overview of the most important and misunderstood aspects of these laws.

  • Exempt v. Non-exempt Employees
  • Payment for travel and waiting time
  • Overtime and compensatory time
  • Interaction between federal and state laws
  • Preventing Potential Class Actions

Management Training for Avoiding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace This timely seminar is designed to educate both management and employees about the complex and subtle issues comprising sexual harassment. Specific examples, role play, and videotapes illustrate it’s more salient aspects. Both perspectives are presented by a male and a female attorney. Developing Policies on How to Deal with Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Testing in the Workplace This program covers the effects of drug use on employee performance and morale, as well as its overall impact on the workplace.

  • How to use performance appraisals to handle these problems
  • How to establish a drug-free work-place and testing policy
  • How to best handle an employee with a substance abuse problem

Developing Policies on Responding to the Whistleblower Law We address the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act, which protects employees who complain about illegal or improper business practices.

  • Who is covered by the law
  • How to investigate an employee’s claims and allegations
  • What action to take or refrain from taking without violating this law

Effective Interviewing/Recruiting This program takes managers through the interview process, using role playing and specific examples to update interview skills and illustrate:

  • What you can and cannot say to prospective employees
  • Questions you can ask to elicit valuable information
  • How to conduct a fact finding interview

Training on Avoiding Wrongful Termination Claims We will define various termination claims an employee may allege, and discuss how to prevent and/or defend against claims involving:

  • Express and implied contract
  • Slander
  • Violations of employee privacy
  • Discriminatory enforcement of policies and procedures
  • How to supervise without harassing

ACT Training on Preventing Unionization / Improving Communication We help you anticipate what to expect from representation.

  • Warning signs of unions
  • What to say or not to say
  • Explain the complex labor laws
  • What unions will mean to a manager’s daily job responsibilities
  • Develop effective communication between employees and management

Effective Manager Training This program helps managers enhance certain skills which are helpful in preventing employment litigation and maintain a positive employee relations atmosphere. Dealing with the Difficult Employee Dealing with:

  • Absenteeism
  • The complainer
  • Violent employee
  • Emotional problems
  • The “Bad Attitude”

Other The firm will help develop programs which are suited to the specific needs of the company. To schedule a free initial phone consultation to discuss a New Jersey labor or employment law issue with one of our Morristown union avoidance attorneys call Paul Weiner at 973-631-6057 or 973-615-6666

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