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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s rules and regulations were enacted to ensure workplace safety in nearly all work environments. When employers, contractors, subcontractors or property owners violate these guidelines, workers may be entitled to significant compensation.If you or your workplace is working through an OSHA issue, it is important to reach out to a skilled legal team to protect your rights, as well as your personal and professional well-being.

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New Jersey Occupational Safety And Health Administration Lawyers

Paul I. Weiner has represented employers with safety issues since the enactment of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. He has published articles on OSHA Standard Setting, contesting OSHA citations and has been a special guest speaker on OSHA Legal matters. Having worked on employment and labor law issues for decades, we are prepared to bring our expertise to help you efficiently and effectively address any OSHA issue. We can bring our decades of experience to help address issues, including:

  • Developing safety programs and policies
  • Training employees on hazardous substance protocols
  • Representing employers in OSHA contests following safety citations
  • Appealing citations and penalties administered by OSHA
  • Advising and abating safety violations
  • Representing clients on the appeal of an OSHA notice on contest of safety

Because we provide clients with tailored representation, we are able to reach best possible resolutions to these cases in the most efficient and effective ways. We encourage you to take deliberate and decisive action by getting in touch as soon as possible by scheduling a no-risk consultation. To schedule a free initial phone consultation to discuss OSHA violation claims with one of our OSHA attorneys, call Paul Weiner 973-631-6020 or 973-615-6666 or email the firm.

Example Case flow of an OSHA Case: Defending Employers in OSHA Litigation


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