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New Jersey and New York Union Prevention Lawyers

  • Are you concerned that your employees want a union?
  • Have you received a letter from a union claiming they want to represent your employees?
  • Have your employees expressed negative feelings about the company, management or supervision, or have they stopped talking to you?

If your business organization is facing these or similar issues, it is important to consider union avoidance measures. It may be possible to avoid a union by mounting the appropriate response campaign. Reaching out to a third party or an experienced lawyer who will discuss with employees the drawbacks of a union is often the best possible solution. Additionally, properly training supervisors and management can be extremely important.

NJ Union Rights And Litigation Lawyers

We have decades of labor law experience, and we are prepared to help you resolve any union avoidance issue. While we have had significant success helping clients proactively take preventative steps to avoid the formation of a union, we can also help businesses efficiently and effectively work through union issues once they have arisen. We attribute our success to the fusion of our comprehensive knowledge with our attention and long-term perspective. Regardless of the issues you face, we encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible as any decision can have long-lasting impacts when it comes to union avoidance issues. To schedule a free initial phone consultation to discuss a New Jersey labor or employment law issue with one of our union avoidance attorneys, call Paul Weiner at 973-631-6057 or 973-615-6666 or email the firm.


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